About JKD Agency

Who we help

We help Agency Owners, Coaches & Consultants who either

1- Want to scale their business

2- Achieve personal, financial, time, and or location freedom

3- Want to make a massive impact on the world

But just lack the client acquisition systems to get there

What we do

We help these business owners easily fix their appointment booking process making signing clients predictable, automatic and inevitable.

It's all done through our flagship program, The Agency Flashpoint, which allows founders to easily schedule 100+ qualified appointments/month on autopilot

Our Values

Our ultimate Vision is for everyone with the will to become the best version of themselves... To actually accomplish that.

And the Mission we are on to make that vision slightly closer to reality is to provide all of the information needed for business owners to take complete control over their lives and help the lives of their clients

And these are the six principles we follow ruthlessly to make that vision true

1- Long Term Thinking: Sacrificing today for tomorrow

2- Less is More: Simplicity wins

3- Radical Accountability: Always taking responsibility

4- Client First: Always making product first decisions

5- Relentlessness: Living every day like it'll be the last

6- Laser Focus: Excelling at one thing at one time

Our Story

It all started in October of 2022 when I (Josh Dueck) was 18 years old, with a sad addiction to video games, eating shit food, and watching Netflix, and a simultaneous scholarship to play varsity volleyball and study engineering at a top university in Canada.

And inevitably had to come to the decision to quit my bad habits from 10-0 there and then, or let go of the only things that were good in my life. That's when I decided to make the switch and actually take control of my life, to the point where I developed mentally and physically faster than I could ever imagine. I achieved A's in nearly all classes in my first year of school (other than in business which I ironically almost failed), climbed up the ranks on my sports team, and got a six pack in 5 months.

That summer after my first year, I decided that life was too easy after I started to try (most people don't), which is when I started my first social media marketing agency (not knowing what it would turn into), where I would run ads for immigration law firms.

But without

1- Industry Acumen

2- Sales Skills

3- The slightest idea of what I was even selling

It led to no avail, other than the acquisition of the skills I needed to set over 50 appointments/month, which is when I pivoted to an appointment setting agency model where I would help online businesses schedule qualified appointments, which I took to 10k/month in just under 3 months, booking hundreds of appointments for clients.

And after seeing success with this offer and a high demand for me to help these businesses build these same appointment booking systems in house, I've gone ALL IN on business and started the Agency Flashpoint, leaving behind my varsity scholarship, helping Agency Owners, Coaches & Consultants build automated appointment booking systems in house.

Which allowed me to take my business well into the multi 6-figure range after 13 months since starting my journey, and helping dozens of agency owners & coaches take full control over their lives, and business.

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